Recently, I lost ALL my email addresses along with birthday dates, phone numbers, etc. when I closed my blog account with Google.  The form instructed me to put in my email address, which I did and when I clicked to close the blog account, it also closed my email account!  I attempted to retrieve the email account without success.

Google said they would send me a text with a code to reopen the account – but I had on record my land line phone number and of course,  it doesn’t accept texts. I attempted using my cell phone number, but because they didn’t have a record of that number, they refused the request.  I thought perhaps I might use another’s cell phone to receive the text code, but of course, if Google wouldn’t accept mine, they certainly were not going to accept anyone else’s.  The other way was to answer certain questions, like my mothers maiden name and other personal questions, then they asked me what month and year I opened the email account with Google.  How in the world am I going to remember that??  I guessed the month and date (twice) but it didn’t work.  There was a tab for feedback, and I told them of my dilemma.  To date I have not received a response.  I finally gave up and just opened another account.  Grrr. Moral:  Keep a record of all email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, postal addresses, and most of all keep a record of when you opened the account.  I spent years accumulating all that information and now I have to rebuild it.  Sometimes I hate technology.