The following paragraphs are copied from a post written by my daughter-in-law to her son (my grandson), who served in the United States Navy and completed his service in May of this year.  I thought it proper  for Veteran’s Day.  I am very proud of my grandson and thankful that he came home safely to his family.  

To my son, (name withheld)

I am a mom! Yes, I know there was danger lurking around many corners where you were located and I’m not sure how you managed to accomplish the duty calls that were assigned. I’ve worked 12 and more hours back in my twenties and it was not necessarily easy, I don’t know how you managed to work 16 hour days and nights and on your day off have no freedoms like we enjoy daily here in America and tend to take for granted. 

You were on a ship in the middle of a huge ocean and nothing to see for miles. You were in foreign lands with strangers that knew you were military (when they should not have) and facing a foreign country and its rules along with our military rules that I’m not sure I could have withstood. Thank you son, for showing me how it is possible to set a goal and achieve it and to push yourself when needed to get to that next level. Thank you also for the many times you surprised me with a visit home! AND especially for the surprise in May when you came home for good, safe and sound. I am one blessed woman! I have so much to be thankful for and I give thanks to God, thanks to my great husband for helping so lovingly to raise both of our sons and to you Daniel for your love for our country, your dedication to defending her and for your honest heart today in wanting America to get back to the great country that she once was. I thank you and wish you a Very Happy Veterans Day!
Love, Mom